Corporate Changes

by Freeman Watson II

Yeside’s Pyramid Mall (YPM Company) is a virtual mall, designed to help the small business person increase its customer base primarily by way of the internet. YPM Company is a family owned business consisting of a staff a three.

Effective June 1, 2013

There have been some changes made in the developing stages of YPM Company. The company has been operating under the guidance of the owner who has recently fallen ill. Dr. Joy Johnson, the executive marketing director over the Georgia region, has been appointed to serve as the new ceo. Dr. Joy Johnson has been an active part of YPM Company since its startup in 2012.

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2 New Faces

2 What To Expect

4 Shopper’s Benefits

5 Member’s Benefits

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7 Merchants Testimonies

8 Merchant’ Spotlight

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New Faces

by Freeman Watson II

There is a new addition to the YPM Company.

YPM Company has recently expanded to three other states. Directors are chosen over the counties in their regions/state.

Many new faces will begin to emerge as YPM Company continues to develop.

Presently, the Directors for NC, SC, NY, TN, and TX, are being established due to the Company’s vast growth.


What To Expect

YPM Company will emerge as a brand new company with Dr. Joy Johnson as CEO on July 27, 2013, at which time the Chamber of Commerce for Clayton County, in the state of Georgia will acknowledge Yeside’s Pyramid Mall as a new small business. The Chamber will host an event, introducing YPM Company to the community.

Small businesses throughout the state of Georgia will be invited to attend this “Grand Opening”. They will be given an opportunity to participate as vendors as well as be given an opportunity to speak briefly on what their business is about and how they serve the community.

The community will also be invited to share in this festive occasion. There will be local entertainment, food, and most importantly, networking amongst business owners.

Ms. Twyla Morris has recently been appointed to head Los Angeles County, more specifically, the Long Beach area. Ms. Twyla Morris has been appointed the Executive Marketing Director in the state of California.


The new CEO, Dr. Joy Johnson, has a very creative approach in the growth and expansion of YPM Company. Look for many new upgrades and fresh new ideas as she takes YPM to the next level.


This is the first of many of the YPM Company newsletter. It will be issued monthly for the reader’s viewing. A calendar has been included (pg. 6),

to keep you abreast of upcoming events.


Shopper’s Benefits

by Freeman Watson II

YPM Company consists of the finest small businesses in the USA.

There are many small businesses today but YPM Company is conscious of only teaming up with the most reputable, who have proven credibility.

When a consumer shops with YPM, they are guaranteed professional service. Our merchants are screened to ensure that you have a pleasant experience shopping with us.

Our shopping portal (Authorize.Net) is a secure verified merchant payment gateway.


Tmonae' Accessories, LLC.

YPM Company also offers the shopper 24/7 online customer and direct line to the Company from 9:00am – 5:00pm, Eastern Time. YPM Company also gives the consumer other payment options, such as PayPal.

Feel free to clink on the “Shop @ Yeside’s Pyramid Mall” link and shop with your local merchant.

Secretary on Wheels & Wings LLC

Some of our services include secretarial, personal assistant, cleaning, real-estate, and photography, all made available to you through Yeside’s Pyramid Mall.

Our merchants are small businesses from the state of Georgia

as well as other parts of the world. All the things you would normally do in a land mall, is just as easy to do in YPM Company's Shopping Mall. This unique experience will change your way of thinking when it comes to online shopping. Come in and experience a whole new world, a whole new way of life, for you, and the online shopper.

California Seafood Restaurant


Member’s Benefits

by Dr. Joy Johnson

The YPM Company online marketing for small businesses consists of methods and practices primarily designed to reach an audience via the web. Typical ways of marketing online include:

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Article marketing
  • Online press releases
  • Video Marketing (on YouTube and similar websites, or on your own website)
  • Podcasts and Internet radio
  • Social media marketing (on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

YPM Company’s traditional marketing, on the other hand, targets audiences offline. Some of our forms of traditional marketing include:

  • Workshops and seminars (that our staff teach or host)
  • Brochures, catalogs and business cards
  • Postcards and fliers
  • Ads in our magazine and other publications
  • Booths space and speaking engagements at networking events, trade shows and conferences

To succeed in small business marketing, we suggest you use online and traditional marketing methods. Even if you do business exclusively online, you can benefit from traditional marketing as well.

Traditional Small Business Marketing Benefits

It costs more money in many cases to engage in traditional small business marketing. However, you can enjoy many benefits marketing offline, such as:

  • It's the best way to build client and business relationships
  • Showcase your expertise and authority in your industry (by writing a book or speaking engagements at conferences)
  • Engage the senses (such as giving samples and taste-testing)
  • You'll have more success reaching local community and regional residents.

You shouldn't ignore traditional marketing benefits because of the costs to market offline. Start with the cheapest and most effective method and gradually build up as you earn more in revenues.

You may want to consider allocating 80 percent of your time and money to online marketing and 20 percent to traditional marketing to start with. 



In order for a business to be productive, it must develop effective marketing and advertising skills.



Networking is the number one “word-of-mouth” approach in promoting your business, with the least amount of cost.

Online Small Business Marketing Benefits

In addition to the cost-saving benefits, there are these benefits to online marketing:

  • Immediate results from some online marketing campaigns (such as email subscribers clicking on links in your email)
  • You can do it from any location
  • No equipment is necessary, other than your computer
  • Many options for tools to automate your marketing tasks (such as Constant Contacts)
  • Find more joint venture opportunities for marketing products and services
  • A faster way to establish credibility and brand identity
  • Get the attention of customers around the clock
  • A larger marketing share because the Internet is available globally
  • Modify or add to written content easily

YPM Company will assist you with all of your traditional, as well as online marketing needs.


Calendar Highlights

Stay current on YPM events and look for new updates with each monthly newsletter release.


Merchant Testimonies

YPM Company welcomes our merchants an opportunity to express how we have contributed to their success.


[[PASTING TABLES IS NOT SUPPORTED]] A.C 1st Class Cleaning Service

"They have a great staff at YPM Company.

The Executive Marketing Director personally took

the time to explain what I didn't understand and she

listened as I expressed my business needs. With

YPM assisting me in getting my business off the

ground, I am confident; it is only a matter of time

before my business will begin to grow".

Ms. Alice Cherry

Riverdale, GA


Premium Plus Music

“I have found Yeside’s Pyramid Mall to be one of

the best services for my marketing needs. I am not

very familiar with navigating around the computer,

so when the Executive Director of YPM Company

approached me with a solution to my marketing problems,

I jumped on it. It has been working well for me and I am

very pleased with their service”.

Mr. Edward Harris

Memphis, TN

Merchant Spotlight

D. Divine Photography

“Hit me up to book a photo shoot or to shoot your next event”.

Premium Plus Music

Whether it is oldies but goodies, rock and roll, hip-hop, or jazz, Premium Plus Music caters to the music lover’s needs.

A.C. 1st Class Cleaning Service

We don’t leave without passing the white glove test.

The Afrikan Village

We encourage personal growth and development through a proper perspective of Afrikan spirituality, self-awareness, education and enlightenment.

Southern Investors Realty

Do you owe more on your home than it is worth??

There is local help available!

Impact Marketing Group

Drink Kangen water! Improve your health! Share with others! Live abundantly!

From Corporate

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our members for trusting in YPM Company with the marketing end of their business. Thank you for allowing us to travel with you in your journey to success. We are passionate about your vision being visible for ALL to see and we wish you prosperity in all your endeavors.

Mr. Freeman Watson III


Please help us to welcome Dr. Joy Johnson aboard.

We are sure you will find her to be committed to helping

you reach your business related goals, AS she has already

proven to be a lady who will GOES ABOVE and beyond the call of duty.