Rules and Regulations

  1. The Kuumba Vocals on the MIC Talent Search is an event that showcases the talents of young performers in song. The event is open to participants ranging from ages sixteen (16) through twenty-five(25) throughout the United States. It is a talent contest that provides an opportunity for young people to pursue their dreams.
  2. Contestants who are between the ages sixteen (16) through eighteen (18) will be required to submit a notarized document, supplied by Kuumba Vocals on the MIC, with parent permission to participate in this competition. Contestant will have one week to complete and return by way of fax or U.S. postal service.
  3. Contestants are only allowed one entry in one category per season.
  4. Kuumba Vocals on the MIC Talent Search participants are limited to five hundred (500) registered contestants. This goal will be attempted to be reached before the deliberating process begins.
  5. The Kuumba Vocals on the MIC Talent Search reserves the right to add, delete or change decision dates depending on registration results. At least three hundred (300) or more performers are required to make a valid vocal category. If less than three hundred (300) performers are entered in this category, the Kuumba Vocals on the MIC Talent Search holds the right to cancel the contest.
  6. Prizes are awarded to ONLY ONE winner at the Finals. The purpose of prizes is to reward the talented young performers for their efforts, to encourage them to pursue their dreams and to help them further their study of the arts.  

    The award schedule is as follows:
    Categories: Vocal
    The Kuumba Vocals on the MIC Talent Search is a talent search for singers only, therefore there is only one category... VOCALS. One contestant or group will be chosen to be winner of The Kuumba Vocals on the MIC Talent Search. Each performer's video will be uploaded and circulated throughout the internet. The winner will receive prizes that consist of air fare, hotel stay, meals and studio time. Atlanta and the surrounding metropolitan area winner, which will receive a state of the art CD DVD Duplicator, to compensate for the air fare hotel stay and meals, and studio time. Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube will be designated for making the final decision.
  7. It is strongly recommended that an act run no more than 3 minutes. Under no circumstances may an act run more than 5 minutes. ACTS RUNNING OVER 5 MINUTES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! The act is timed from the first vocal utterance in any vocal category.
  8. In our Vocal category, instrumental accompaniment by the person in the act or others is allowed, but is not judged. It must assume the pure character of accompaniment. The test shall be whether the performance would stand alone. NOTE: CD or taped back-up may be used subject to restrictions in rule.
  9. A video upload must be formatted properly. We cannot be responsible for any video upload which is malfunctioning or can not be viewed due to improper formatting. 
  10. An uploaded video must have correct identification attached. Contestants must include proper credentials in order to be accurately identified. Please label each tape with your name song title and email address.
Videos can and cannot include:
  1. No voice or voices or synthesized vocal utterance may be used for accompaniment by contestants entered in the Vocal categories. This includes recorded live voices and voices that are produced and recorded synthetically. (i.e. synthesizers or digitally sampled.)
  2. In the Vocal and/or Instrumental category, any combination or vocal and/or instrumental performance will be accepted, including bands with or without vocals. In this case the entry will only be adjudicated in the contestant's voice.
  1. The simple standard that we believe can be fairly applied regarding appropriateness is the following: The lyrics, actions, and dress code of any entry must comply with all good policies for contestant conduct. In other words, performers may not sing about, discuss, or pantomime any activity that is offensive or inappropriate, ex. profanity, or sexually suggestive lyrics.
  2. If a contestant should decide to drop out of the The Kuumba Vocals on the MIC Talent Search, any entry fee paid will NOT be refunded. If the contest is cancelled, any entry fee paid WILL be refunded.
  3. The Kuumba Vocals on the MIC Talent Search holds the right to use contestant's name and/or photo for any further publicity purposes.
  4. Kuumba Vocals on the MIC Talent Search contestants cannot converse or communicate in any way about the show to any of the show's adjudicators at any time during the season.
  5. Organizers reserve the right of final decision on any matters pertaining to the Kuumba Vocals on the MIC Talent Search not covered by the rules.

Contestants will be judged on the following basis: Presentation, 25%; Creativity, 25%; Clarity, 25% and Ability, 25%. During the preliminary video showcasing, contestants are scored solely by selected social media sources. They will be evaluated on how the act would be received by an appropriate, impartial audience in a cyber setting, and is not based on the size or enthusiasm of an act's "fan club". 100% of the judging will be awarded by the social media audience. Organizers will deliberate during the decision process to determine which contestant will be named as the winner of the Kuumba Vocals on the MIC Talent Search. The winning contestant will be presented with prizes within thirty (30) days of the final decision in order to select a schedule for traveling that will be accommodating.