A sophisticated, yet educated team of melanin Queens who have committed to unite for the building and empowerment of their community. The Boss Queenz contribute to the community in their areas of expertise, and/or humanitarian skills. They also offer many gifts, and talents. Each Queen’s contribution is as significant as the other.

Mission: Turning a community into an empowered community, then making the empowered community into a Great Nation, by educating in the areas of health and wealth

Goal: A Great/Powerful Nation positioned, able, and ready to Leave a Legacy 

Vision: A Divine Purpose fulfilled… young Queens and Kings manifesting into their Greatness! 

Register below to become part of the Boss Queenz Team

Boss Queenz are located across the United States. They are volunteers who attend wealth building workshops to assist with check-ins, seating of attendees, and other operational duties that are needed.
The Boss Queenz make their own schedule and receive a monetary stipend for the contribution of  their gifts and talents
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Become a part of the team,

                                     become part of the Legacy

You will need to upload a short video letting us know why you’re interested in becoming part of the team. This video may be used in creating the Boss Queens debut commercial. 

So, why do you want to be on the Boss Queenz team?


1. When you register to become a Boss Queen, you are put on a list of volunteers.
2. Whenever the Legacy Wealth Enterprise team is conducting a wealth building workshop in your city, the volunteer list is reviewed for Boss Queenz closest to the venue location where the workshop is being held.
3. Boss Queenz closest to the venue location will be contacted by phone.
4. If available, the Boss Queen will be given an opportunity to volunteer her skills/gifts/talents.
5. Upon the completion of the workshop, the Boss Queen will be given a monetary gift for sharing their services.

Look also, for the debut of a young, rising Queen...

Lil Bossy